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Dixie Mix

Dixie Mix® is a mushroom compost based soil that has a variety of uses. It is a complete ready-to-plant-in mix that does not need to be tilled.. Just plant your plants directly into the Dixie Mix, keep them watered, and enjoy. The most dramatic results can be seen with annuals, perennials, or vegetables. Permanent plants will do extremely well also, but you don't see the results in a slow growing plant like you do with annuals, etc. Raised bed gardening is becoming more and more popular and Dixie Mix can be added directly to your raised bed. It is recommended to have a border that can be made with different items. Some may use landscape timbers, crossties, or some type of concrete, but be sure to make the bed 6 to 8 inches deep.

Most of the time, when a raised bed is made, the first thing you think about is getting top soil to fill your bed. This is a "no-no" in our opinion. You have to add a number of other ingredients to give top soil any nutritional value. You would have to add fertilizer, peat moss, lime, and compost (among other things) to the top soil in order to feed your plants. Unfortunately, top soil is loaded with all kinds of unwanted weeds, and when you add fertilizer, etc. you end up feeding the weeds as well as any plants you might be adding to your raised bed. Dixie Mix is a weed-free mixture and nutritionally complete, so why would anyone even think about using topsoil?


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