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Bermuda Sod

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Bermuda grass is native to the tropics, which makes it a great choice for Southern lawns in many situations. It's tough enough to put in a back yard where kids will play, and it stands up to dry conditions and summer heat. It's also a good choice for lawns near the coast, where salt spray can damage weaker sod varieties. Plant in full sun in soils with good drainage for best results.

Best Uses: Sunny, high-traffic areas where children and adults play. Also, good for houses at the shore.

$1.85 per cubic yard


My wife and I we have benefited from and enjoy Dixie Mix... We decided to try a no-frills low maintenance "raised bed" style garden in our backyard. Our garden took off in just a matter of days... We highly recommend this dirt to anyone out there who wants the absolute best quality of organic dirt. Last count we had over 30 tomatoes on the way from only 5 plants! They are between 5 and 6 feet tall. The bell pepper plants are between 3 and 4 feet tall. Looks like next year we will have to expand the garden to accommodate such big plants.

Kyle and Pam W.
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