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Masonry Sand

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Our masonry sand is fine-ground and washed to be suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects. Use it to create a base layer for a brick path or patio before dry fitting bricks into place. It can also be swept into cracks between bricks to lock them in place and as a filler between loose bricks for maintenance. Masonry sand is also soft enough for use in play areas for adults and children alike. 

Best Uses: Filing gaps between bricks on patios and walkways. Can also be used as play sand for sandboxes and beach volleyball courts.

$30.00 per cubic yard


I don't know what you guys put in it but it works. Thanks to Dixie Mix I have the greenest, thickest lawn in my whole neighborhood now. It started off as so-so and had some dead spots in it now it is just amazingly thick and green. I am enclosing some pictures from my front lawn. Thank You!

Ryan D.
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