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Red Oak Mulch

Red Oak Mulch Photo

Our red oak mulch is made from 100% shredded bark. The red oak tree is naturally an attractive red-brown, so this mulch is a great way to add color to your landscaping without additional dyes. It's a great choice for organic gardening and for softening the ground under play areas where grass struggles to grow. When applied in a layer two to three inches thick, red oak mulch protects plant roots and suppresses weeds.

Best Uses: Covering soil in foundation planting beds and flower borders. Use red oak mulch in full-sun areas to keep plant roots cool.

$35.00 per cubic yard


I don't know what you guys put in it but it works. Thanks to Dixie Mix I have the greenest, thickest lawn in my whole neighborhood now. It started off as so-so and had some dead spots in it now it is just amazingly thick and green. I am enclosing some pictures from my front lawn. Thank You!

Ryan D.
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