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About Us


Here at Wiley’s Landscape Supply, we’re proud to be self-made and growing all the time, and we are delighted to tell you a little bit about our team and how we do what we do. It all began in 2011 and in a short time, we have already taken our place among the premier landscape companies here in West Columbia, South Carolina. Despite the typical trials and tribulations of starting a new business, we have persevered in bringing excellent landscaping tools to our valued customers.

A Brief History of Wiley’s

Owner/operator of Wiley’s Landscape Supply, Wiley Burrows, likes to say he took a leap of faith in entering a business about which he knew nothing at the time. But that didn’t shake his faith one bit. Instead, he sought the tutelage of expert and operations manager Tim Tice.

Although we lost Tim before his time as a victim of a robbery gone bad, Wiley decided not to let that stop him and press forward. Guided by Tim’s legacy, our team strives to follow in his experienced footsteps daily. We proudly carry Dixie Mix, acquired from Jimmy Sharpe the same year we opened, as well as multiple other high quality products. It’s been a crazy ride, but Wiley and the team wouldn’t miss a minute of it.

Excellent Products, Expert Service

Today, we sell our beloved Dixie Mix and other topnotch products and provide a range of services, from aggregate and mulch installation, to top dressing and full-service landscaping. If you don’t have the time, energy or patience to find a truck and haul our products home, we’ll deliver or install them for you.

The team at Wiley’s Landscape Supply is always happy to help you create the landscape you want by providing the products and services you need. Your only job is to let us know what you need and how we can help. Get to it!


I don't know what you guys put in it but it works. Thanks to Dixie Mix I have the greenest, thickest lawn in my whole neighborhood now. It started off as so-so and had some dead spots in it now it is just amazingly thick and green. I am enclosing some pictures from my front lawn. Thank You!

Ryan D.
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